Deploying XenDesktop 7.5 with CloudPlatform (POC)

XD75 is out and allows one to deploy VMs with the API of Citrix CloudPlatform (4.2). Following the documentation CTX140428 it is easy to setup a POC.

There are some things one should care about:

DNS: in an advanced zone and an isolated network on CCP the virtual router will offer DHCP and DNS. This will end up, that the deployed VMs will not find the domaincontroller (if you install the dc in the same network) via DNS request. This will cause the deployment to fail. There are two options to handle this:
– use a network without VR and lets the DC handle both
– connect to the virtual router and add host entries for AD-domain and name for the DC. A „service dnsmasq restart“ will make these entries available for the VMs. This is a hack! and will be overwritten once the network is restarted or VR is destroyed.

documentation: Follow exactly the documentation and add tags to your network and template. Add a custom disc offering to your disk offering for that domain and user.

limits: You will need to put the limits for instances, templates … to a higher value. -1 could be a good option for testing.

use small templates: it takes a ages to copy and deploy templates and instances, if your basic template is to big.


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